As a cigar would be consumed in one hundred years (two seconds today)


Woke up pondering the universe, colicionando my gut, I feel abstracting the possibility … one day I saw only darkness and would have wanted to imagine how, when, succumbing to the heaven of this hell of mine, I discovered that day that justme, that I am facing ghosts of glass facing underground and hoping karma is notthat but waiting, and there, right there, you perspire the sacred phrase and then “there are days when I fall apart as the shadow of a ruined widow … remember I’m just a badly hurt” … (thanks for mitigation and reminding me) and I doubt the songwrong, replied in the words of someone else, “so you live, so so easy” and you goand you go on and and wait … two seconds is worth it do you? You know everything that happens in two seconds? You know how I lost in two seconds and how easy it isabsent the infinite? If you knew … I thought you understood me … when I awoke I wasalone again and I could not feel, I keep making mistakes and I’m tired of losing, the “high”, and truth to gamble You should be your …my heart is broken and when the balance tips to you, you made me much needed …but I do not usually need, I would not do it, maybe it’s sad, maybe is the modus operandi … maybe I am expecting a miracle, listen again to be the sympathetic listener, “I need to love me and I understand Do I ask too much? not matter in anempty bed, to savanna outside walls and subtracted insomnia … no matter if you areeagerness or wait for the default …

Transverse pieces I am astonished ice duties, and I am, and I go, and overlap the time, because that’s all I have left desent … I am the maze you look from above, he sees you go without and continues to observe, listen, why only now I have athrobbing hum and I hope that the notes with a drop of humanity?, drop, tear, blood… it’s there but paresca away, a black rose painted, stolen, withered, buried, in a white rose … (natural).

It would be magic, now, the feel, the surreal, serious writer and not ink stain,progressive collapse would not bite tide, expect as I have done and continue to wait,I can follow? I can ¿need? ¿Complement talked, once for the future? but in the process, I’m dead and when I try resusutar … you do not …

P.D. Your eagerness to shape the desire of desire takes shape, and believe that you enjoy when only a slave

(Italo Calvino)